SDK & Apps

Data and analytics from the API cloud can be accessed directly by the AMQP protocol or via the LiveConnect Server.

Using the API cloud and LiveConnect server

  • To access and use the platform, Z-Works provides the options to connect directly to the API cloud using the AMQP protocol or via a starter packaging using the LiveConnect Server.
  • The AMQP protocol is similar to MQTT often used in within IoT, however offering a wider range of functionality.
  • The LiveConnect server uses the well-known REST API (HTTP protocol) to e.g. push notifications to iOS or Android applications.

Reference applications

To make it easier for custoemrs to quickly test and develop applications connected to the Z-Works IoT platform, Z-Works have created two reference applications – one for elderly care (LiveConnect Care or LCC) and one for smart homes (LiveConnect or LC).

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