Case Study: Enkaku

An application to leverage the power of IoT for the Real Estate industry


Winas and Z-Works have collaborated on several development projects since early 2016. In February 2017 Winas released the Smart Facility Management application “Enkaku”, utilizing the IoT capability of the Z-Works platform:

What is Enkaku?

An application to leverage the power of IoT for the Real Estate industry. For example:

  • Improved efficiency for private viewings of apartments
  • On demand services for improved value add for the tenants

Value add services for tenants

The service can be used by real estate owners or managers to enable, for example, an added security service by remote being able to lock and unlock doors, or smart home solution by on / off of lights and other home electronics appliances.

Private rental services

The Enkaku application provides additional services for private rental setups. For example, the app user can get information regarding electricity, gas or water consumption and other activities in the property.

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