Z-Works platform currently connects 10 sensors with ability to collect over 20 different data types

Gateways & Sensors

Devices at Z-Works can broadly be divided into two categories: gateways and sensors. The protocol used by Z-Works for communication between the two is the one of the most commonly used protocols for home automation systems worldwide, namely Z-Wave.

List of Gateways currently in the Z-Works catalogue:

Z-Works Basic Gateway
(LAN cable or 3G)

List of Sensors currently in the Z-Works catalogue:

Z-Works Heart Beat Sensor

Yamato Protec Smoke Sensor

Vision Multi-Sensor

Danalock Smart Lock

Sharp Lock Sensor

Philio Door Sensor

Goodway Smart Meter Sensor

Vision Door Sensor

Vision Simple Door Sensor

Device communication

The Z-Works platform currently supports one device communication protocol: Z-Wave protocol. With over 50 million of devices used over 10 years of activity, Z-Wave is one of the most commonly used protocols for home automation in the US and Europe.

Vital Sensor

  1. The first Z-Wave sensor on the market worldwide to measure vital data
  2. The sensor uses the Doppler Effect (at a frequency of 24 GHz) for vital data detection
  3. It is non-wearable and can measure the vital data at 1.5 m without disturbing the user
  4. If adding appropriate scenarios, the device can automatically send alarms upon irregularities
    Vital data
    1.5 meters

Device performance

The sensor performance in terms of accuracy, reliability and lifespan are key features to collect needed data and provide insights to customers. When connecting new sensors to the platform, Z-Works applies an ambitious selection process to ensure the candidates with the highest possible performance are chosen. The process includes e.g. automated and live use case testing.


All Z-Wave sensors are third party certified which ensures a certain level of security for communication. Z-Works ensure to have the latest security updates for gateways in place to ensure highest possible security between the sensors and gateways.


For some of the key devices on the platform, Z-Works develops the firmware. This enables Z-Works to maximize performance and security with the rest of the platform. This also ensures a high level of security over time when new technology is launched in the market.

Sensor variety

The current Z-Works platform connects more than 10 devices together enabling collection, standardization and analytics of over 20 data types (e.g. heartbeat, presence, temperature). By providing the possibility for clients to collect different types of data the ability to solve clients’ most critical problems increases.

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