Z-Works technology

The Z-Works IoT platform includes three key components – Devices, Cloud analytics and Apps


The Z-Works platform currently connects 10 devices with ability to collect over 20 different data types (e.g. presence, heartbeat, temperature) using the Z-Wave protocols for wireless transmission. Communication from the gateway to the cloud can be done either via the user’s current internet provider or cellular data.

Cloud analytics

The core of the Z-Works’ platform is the intelligence in the cloud (named ZIO). As of today, the main features are rule-based scenario analytics. Data standardization and machine learning will be important to increase added value for our customers over time and we have dedicated members in the team working with this technology.


Customers can access data and analytics directly via the ZIO cloud using the AMQP protocol. Applications for smartphones and desktops are also available to client who wish to use them.

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