IoT Z-Works Ecosystem

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One integrated platform, industry specific analytics
and customer flexibility differentiates Z-Works

  • Hard- & software
    integrated platform

  • Industry Specific
    Scenario Engine

  • Platform access

Making IoT accessible and useful
to improve Quality of Life, for everyone

  • With dedicated ecosystem partners Z-Works provides IoT “as-a-service”
  • Together we make IoT more accessable and useful, to improve quality of life for everyone

Z-Works Platform Technology

The Z-Works platform includes three key capabilities – Device, Cloud & Analytics


The Z-Works platform connects 10 devices with ability to collect 20 different data types (e.g. presence, door open/close, heart beat, temperature) using the Z-Wave and dust protocol. Communication from the gateway to the cloud can be done either with LAN or 3G.

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Could & analytics

The core of the Z-Works platform is the intelligence in the Zio Cloud. Main features today are data standardization, simple and complex scenario analytics. Machine learning will be important to increase added value for our customers over time and we have dedicated members in the team working with the topic.

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Data and analytics from the Zio Cloud and the LC application servers can be accessed by customers by using the AMQP or HTTP protocols. Also reference applications for smartphones and desktops are available for quick field tests.

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Accessing Z-Works Platform

Cloud integrator

The Cloud Integrator has a cloud platform which they wish to strengthen with IoT capability. By using the Zio Cloud SDK they can access data and intelligence from the Z-Work platform using AMQP.

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Solution provider

The Solution Developer wish to develop and brand their own application, however wish to access back-end capabilities for IoT (including device, cloud analytics or application server). By using the LCAS SDK customers can use HTTP to develop applications accessing e.g. predefined scenarios.

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Application user

The Application User does not aspire to develop their own applications, or to brand an own IoT offering, rather they wish to quickly access a market proven application which uses the power of IoT to add value for customers.

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Z-Works Solution Development partner

An app to leverage the power of IoT for the real estate industry

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Press release

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Partners & Customers